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For nearly three years, we toiled in the shadows, perfecting our

products, hidden from the world's gaze, until we deemed them truly exceptional.

Our journey took us through countless trials, testing, and refining,

all in silence, away from the limelight.

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Passionate about crafting premium, handcrafted products using locally sourced ingredients, we cherish the rich heritage and unique flavours of our region, and incorporate them into every bottle we produce.

Valuing the art of traditional craftsmanship.

We celebrate the expertise of our skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into each creation. We believe that by utilising locally sourced ingredients, we not only support our community but also ensure the freshness and authenticity of our products.

This dedication to quality and sustainability resonates with our customers, inviting them to share in the love and savour the rich flavours that reflect the essence of our brand and the land from which it springs.


Our International multi-award winning distillery combines tradition and innovation to create an extraordinary harmony of flavours. Through our meticulous craftsmanship, we have discovered a remarkable fusion of time-honoured methods and cutting-edge technologies, giving birth to an unparalleled range of products that transcend the ordinary.

Each creation is handcrafted with infinite patience and passion, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We take immense pride in caring for our products, ensuring that every step of the process is done properly, guaranteeing the ultimate product experience for our consumers.

Discover our range of handcrafted products.


We are firmly grounded in being proudly Australian owned and made.

We embrace our national heritage and take great pride in supporting local communities, industries, and artisans. From the selection of premium Australian-grown ingredients to the meticulous crafting of each batch, we infuse our spirits with the essence of our beautiful country. As an Australian-owned and made distillery, we uphold the highest standards of quality and authenticity, ensuring that every bottle reflects the passion and dedication we have for our craft. By staying true to our roots, we invite our customers to savour not only the rich flavours of our spirits but also the genuine connection to the land and its people.

Cheers to a true taste of Australia in every sip.

Kendor Distillery continues to be a beacon of tradition, innovation, and national pride in the world of spirits.


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Curious? Try our products for yourself.


When we finally unveiled our creations to the world, they shone brightly, earning a plethora of prestigious awards from multiple competitions. Most notably, we proudly received the title of "Best Australian Liqueur Distillery of the Year 2023" at the esteemed Melbourne International Spirit Awards.

Our uniqueness lies not only in our unmatched dedication to crafting the finest products but also in the air of mystery that surrounds us.

Kendor Distillery - Stills - Texture and

After years of relentless dedication to perfecting our craft, diligently experimented with recipes, sourcing only the finest ingredients, we have succeeded in creating an exceptional brand that has now been acknowledged with the recognition it truly deserves. Our journey has been marked

by countless hours of testing our products with discerning audiences, and the result is nothing short of remarkable. Garnering numerous prestigious accolades, including several double-golds, platinums, silvers, and bronzes, across an array of esteemed International competitions such as the

Sip Awards in California, USA, the London Spirit Awards in the UK, and the Melbourne International Spirit Awards in Australia,

we stand proud of our accomplishments.

With each award, our spirits have been distinguished for their exceptional quality and outstanding taste, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

We take immense pride in offering you our award-winning products that not only look
exquisite but also deliver an unparalleled sensory experience.

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our master distiller.

Master Distiller Coden Sutherland is a seasoned expert with years of experience and a deep understanding of traditional distilling methods. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to his craft set him apart, ensuring that each of his creations is of the highest quality. Coden's talent lies in his ability to discern complex flavour profiles and craft exceptional recipes using only the finest Australian ingredients, showcasing his love for creating truly remarkable spirits.

KD - Coden's Signature.png

"It's an art that demands respect for tradition and a deep appreciation for Australian ingredients. Crafting each batch is a labor of love, ensuring that every sip reflects the passion and dedication we pour into every drop."

Do we have your attention?

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